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27 December 2008

Birds of Falkland Islands

5p : Falkland Islands Steamerduck (福克蘭海鴨)
20p : Black-browed Albatross (黑眉信天翁) ; 1p : Chiloe Wigeon (智利野鴨)
2p : Magellan Gull (麥哲倫海鷗) ; 22p : Rolland's Grebe (白簇鸊鷉)
10p : Black-throated Finch (黑紅喉刺鶯)
Falkland Islands (2003, 2006)
11th June, 2008. Stanley

The above envelope shown six of 13 last definitive issue of Falkland Islands, which values from 1p to £5. When I known that it will replaced by aeroplane definitive stamps in this August, I decided order some stamps, include single stamps or block of 4. Meantime I arranged a maxicard, it is Black-necked Swan. The original photo was taken in Kowloon Park of Hongkong, as there feeding couple of birds. Publisher combined some butterfly, bird and lotus photos in one postcard book, and sells it in low price.

Black-necked Swan (黑頸天鵝)
Falkland Islands (2003)
7th June, 2008. Stanley

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