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23 December 2008

Birds' paradise in Hongkong

$1,30 : Yellow-breasted Bunting (黃胸鵐) ; $2,50 : Great Knot (細嘴濱鷸)
$3,10 : Falcated Teal (羅紋鴨) ; $5,00 : Black-faced Spoonbill (黑面琵鷺)
Hongkong (1997)
27th April, 1997. Maonshan, Shatin

There are many places in Hongkong can be observe birds and other species, like Taipo Au, Shataukok, Kamtin and northwest of New Territories, those places are attractive for bird as there have many fishing pounds in the ancient years. But in recent years, especially Tinshuiwai and Santin, fishing pounds became repository sites or be developed. Those places do not suitable for natural lives to have their own home or migration. Maipo and Wetland Park in northern Tinshuiwai are only two places protected by law, which prohibit to develop or damage, while Wetland Park is open to public. Nevertheless, as lack of eduction and government ignores of the environment problem, quantity of species are decreasing.

The above first day cover, was issued on 1997 during Hongkong under British colony. And other one, is a booklet contain two sheetlets to commemorate the opening of Wetland Park, different of stamps is only the country name is Hongkong, China.

Hongkong (2000)
22nd December, 2008. Sun Chui Estate, Shatin

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