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29 December 2008

Caribbean's birds (1) - St Lucia

95c : Bridled Quail-Dove (轡頭鵪鶉) ; 70c : St Lucia Oriole (聖盧擬鸝)
$1,10 : Semper's Warbler (淡腳森鶯)
St Lucia (1998)
29th July, 2008. Castries

I am very surprise on the market price of this bird stamp set when I checked 2009 catalogue in library this afternoon, it marked US$8,00 either used and new set. But I don't care it as I have one duplicate set and I decided send it to St Lucia Post Office. Thanks their nice postmarks, even it is not traditional British format steel postmark. St Lucia Oriole and Semper's Warbler are only found in St Lucia and near extinct, nevertheless Bridled Quail-Dove is quite common in Caribbean islands.


vic said...

may i copy your images in this site?

Anonymous said...

Where will you copy to ?

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