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12 March 2009

Pen-pal from Kenya

5/- : African Fish Eagle (吼海鵰) ; 1/- : Red and Yellow Barbet (紅黃擬啄木鳥)
Kenya (1994, 1993)
15th January, 1996. Karatina

Have you meet pen-pal before ? It seemed a very famous hobby during 90's year of last century, just spend one US dollar and then they will send you one or two addresses. I have been met two pals come from Kenya and South Korea separately. We are not exchange mail frequency but always enclosed special things in the mail, the surprise is a piece of chocolate from Kenya ... oops ! I think I want coffee bean more. Nowadays everyone are using email and forget this interesting hobby, nevertheless there have an organization called Postcrossing which exchanging postcards over the world.

Above piece is come from an envelope, as it is too long and not convenient to keep it. Franked 10 stamps feature two different species birds, African Fish Eagle and Red and Yellow Barbet. These two species are very common in east African countries : Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. Stamps in small format as they were issued as definitive stamps, but printing quality are excellent as they printed in Switzerland.
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