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23 March 2009


15,00 Dinar : Rock Pigeon (原鴿) ; 10,00 Dinar : Wood Pigeon (斑尾林鴿)
Algeria (2005)

22nd February, 2009. Sétif
18th March, 2009. Hongkong

It is the second mail from Algeria and also related to birds, thank you Ouari who sent me this beautiful cover and postcard from Sétif. These two pigeons are very common in the world, especially urban area they can live together with human. They like turnover rubbish bin to find food or wait people feed them in public area, some public plaza in european cities can see a lot of pigeons stay in there. However they seem poor as they mostly preyed by human or eagle. In Chinese, Rock Pigeon is a best traditional medical food, the population had decreased in the past years.

Cover also features a Rosa x odorata (pink) rose (彩暈香水月季) definitive stamp. On the back of the cover, it is not ordinary as there have two Hongkong postmarks appeared, perhaps it maybe a mistake after the first cancellation postmarked.

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