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20 March 2011

Polar Bear Knut features King Penguin

Polar Bear (北極熊)
(picture illustrated Emperor Penguin (皇帝企鵝)
Germany (2008)
16th March, 2009. Bad Camberg

This special pre-paid envelope was commemorated International Polar Year which held on 2007 to 2008, more than 20 countries issued related stamps during these two years, and I had shown the Portugal one in here. Now, here is one issued by Germany, it features a baby Polar Bear named Knut, who lives and born in Zoologischer Garten Berlin. Knut is very famous in Germany, when it was born, it has been given up by his mother Tosca - she rejected to feed her two babies without any reason. After 4 days, Kunt's bother died and he divided with his mother by feeders of zoo.

On the cover shows on the left side is an icebreaker Polarstern in Antarctic, in the front of the icebreaker are Emperor Penguins. The penguin only can be seen on Antarctic and Southern Ocean, and it is the largest Penguin in the world.

Thanks Katja from Italy and Erich from Germany on the great help of this envelope.

A sad news that Knut left the world on afternoon of 19 March (local time) at Zoologischer Garten Berlin, with unknown reason. He only has 4 years 3 months life when normally most of polar bear has 35 years. Most of Berliner feel brokenhearted when this news appeared.
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