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6 March 2009

Tibetan Bunting

Tibetan Bunting (藏鵐)
China (2002)
9th January, 2009. Qamdo, Tibet

Once again, it is my self-illustrated bird envelope features same species stamp, it doesn't look similar as the original photograph is different. Qamdo located in the eastern of Tibet, eastern bank of Yarlung Zangbo River. In Xi Han Dynasty, it was an important city of Ancient tea route, which is a trade network between Burma and Central China.

Tibetan Bunting, is an endemic species habitant in mountain area of eastern Tibet and western Sichuan, also can be found in origin and sub-branch of Yarlung Zangbo River. Now the conservation status listed as Near Threatened.

The postmark included two languages Tibetan and Chinese, and please note that the number 38 on the postmark means cancelled in 38th hour in the working day ! All post offices in minority group of China are using double languages postmark, it mostly features Chinese and local language.
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