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27 June 2009


From top to bottom :
5000d : Pied Harrier (花澤鵟) ; 400d : European Honey Buzzard (鵰頭鷹)
400d : Ornate Hawk-Eagle (飾冠鷹雕) ; 12000d : White-tailed Eagle (白尾鷲)
3000d : Common Buzzard (鵟) ; 400d : Northern Goshawk (蒼鷹)
Vietnam (1998)

22nd May, 2009. Hanoi
5th June, 2009. Hongkong

During the stamp exhibition of Hongkong, I passed few covers to some postal authorities which have booth at the exhibition. Above example is came from Vietnam, I feel very disappointed of their service as it is not sent by registered mail, especially I paid extra cost and reminded the staff must do it in Vietnam. I think cheating or corruption is not a big problem in there, as friends or travelling book always remind me those habit is popular in governor departments.

I don't want to use many words to introduce this stamp set, as most of species have been appeared on this blog and they can't be found in Vietnam except Northern Goshawk, Buzzard and Pied Harrier.
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