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16 August 2009

Seabirds of Norfolk islands

From left to right :
$1,00 ; Black Noddy (黑燕鷗) ; 10c : Red-tailed Tropicbird (紅尾熱帶鳥)
25c : White Tern (白玄鷗) ; 40c : Sooty Tern (烏燕鷗)
70c : Black-winged Petrel (黑翅圆尾鸌)
Norfolk Island (2005, 2006)

8th July, 2009. Norfolk Island

Continuous to show seabirds in this blog, this time selected a cover from Norfolk Island, an offshore island of east Australia, and it located in the north of New Zealand, neighbourhood with Fiji and New Caledonia.

More than 110 species and four are endemic to the island, above 5 species are very common can be found in there but they are not endemic species.
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