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17 September 2009

Birds of Nicaragua (2)

From left to right :
Keel-billed Toucan (彩虹巨嘴鳥) ; Bananaquit (蕉森鶯)
Golden-olive Woodpecker (高原啄木鳥) ; Painted Bunting (麗色彩鵐)
Black-collared Hawk (黑領鷹)
Nicaragua (2000)

10th August, 2009. León

Here is lower part of Nicaraguan bird stamp sheet, the upper part has been shown here few days ago. Same as upper part, these 5 stamps drawn colourful species in Nicaragua, and the range of Latin America to Amazon Forest. However some of species live and breed in high mountain area.

Specially descriptive Keel-billed Toucan, it is a national bird of Belize, and also famous and popular pet bird in the world as its attractive colourful and big bill. But it is not easy to feed, due to their diet require a lot of fruit and is sensitive to haemochromatosis.
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