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1 November 2009

Rediscovered woodpecker

Caatinga Woodpecker (皮奧伊啄木鳥) ; Mottled Owl (雜斑林鴞)
Brazil (2008)

14th October, 2009. Botafogo, Río de Janeiro

After 80 years of its disappear, an example of Caatinga Woodpecker been rediscovered in Goiatins, the border between Tocantins and Maranhão on year 2006. Before this year, ornithologist though that it was extinct after 1926 and only one specimen collected by museum of Brazil but it stored in New York, it originally considered as a sub-species of Rufous-headed Woodpecker (棕頭啄木鳥) which also to be found in Brazil. On 2007, total recorded 23 individual examples live in Água Branca to Dianópolis.

Mottled Owl is a sized between 28 to 38 cm owl to be found in range from Mexico to Argentina, include Brazil. The owl is locally common of South American countries, mostly habits in dry forests and woodlands up to 7500 feet above sea level. Thanks Cristina of this pretty cover, the stamp set issued as Mercosul series, it is a regional trade agreement of South America with 5 member countries.
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