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21 January 2010

Crowned Solitary Eagle

Crowned Solitary Eagle (冕鵰) ; Argentine Tortoise (阿根廷陸龜)
Argentina (2009)

23rd November, 2009.
Av. Valentín Vergara (Berazategui Oeste), Buenos Aires

This time, I don't have any detail of these two species, actually I only know them are endemic or near endemic to South America,. Some Crowned Solitary Eagle to be found in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia, mostly lives in woodland of these areas. From the Wikipedia says that it is an endangered bird of prey in South America, however I am not sure of this speech.

This stamp set issued on last year, but I didn't have any correspondent in there, this cover only sent by dealer on so there must bough full set of stamp from him, neither I don't collect tortoise stamp. The cover sounds nice, only one pity thing is not sent by registered mail - although I paid full charge to him.
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