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3 February 2010

7th definitive stamps of South Africa (2)

R10 : African Green Pigeon (非洲綠鳩) ; R2 : Lilac-breasted Roller (東非佛法僧)
R1,30 : Black-eyed Susan Vine (翼葉山牽牛)
5c : Palette Surgeonfish (黃尾副刺尾魚) ; 20c : Royal Angelfish (甲尻魚)
South Africa (2000)

24th November, 2009. Henley on Klip, Gauteng

After the last definitive cover from South Africa, here is other one affixed full of 7th definitive stamps, and also it seems the last one of this series. This cover featuring other two birds to be found in South Africa, also two types of coral fish and one local flower. African Green Pigeon and Lilac-breasted Roller are widely to be found in sub-African area, and also Arabic Peninsular, they are very common and easy to be observed. The flower, and two coral fishes now are very popular in the world as people plated it on backyard or as pet-fish, they are also very common in south-east Africa.

Thanks for Mr. R. Olivier of his great help from South Africa, Heley on Klip is a small village found on 1905 it is located on the east part of South Africa, next to the highway between Johannesburg and Vereeniging.
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