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8 March 2010

Owls of the world (2)

From left to right :
$1,00 : Northern Hawk-owl (猛鴞) ; 90c : Tawny Owl (灰林鴞)
20c : Barn Owl (倉鴞) ; 10c : Eurasian Eagle-owl (鵰鴞)
50c : Great Grey Owl (烏林鴞)
St Vincent and the Grenadines (2001)

6th November, 2009. Kingstown, St Vincent

Here is the last part of items from St Vincent. Originally this cover was prepared for send back the maxicard, seems the philatelic bureau is very kindly, it always pack all the things into their self-cover and affixed with extra stamps for free. So, generally speaking, above envelope did not been postally used.

Northern Hawk-owl to be found in northern America and Eurasia, lives in the border of woodland. However it is resident so the owl hardly to be found in south, included West Indies and St Vincent. Great Grey-Owl mostly breeds in the range from east of Quebec, Canada to Alaska, the west coast of America. Also very common in Eurasia from Finland to northern Asia. As well as Northern Hawk-owl, the bird is resident, however it may flies to south if food scarce.

Beside of Northern Hawk-owl, four species have been shown here, below are the links for reference.
Barn Owl : Great Britain
Eurasian Eagle-owl : Belarus, Bulgaria, Portugal
Great Grey Owl : Belarus
Tawny Owl : Belgium / Estonia, Vietnam
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