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14 May 2010

Caracara and woodpecker

10c : Red-throated Caracara (紅喉卡拉鷹) ; 235c : Ringed Woodpecker (環啄木)
Netherlands Antilles (2009)

22nd February, 2010. Windwardside, Saba

Do you remember this cover come from the Netherlands Antilles ? It features nice sunset and dolphin stamps sent from Curaçao, the capital town of the islands. After two years I receive a mail from this nation again, and now this time is feature two nice bird stamps - a caracara and a woodpecker. Saba is the smallest island of the Netherlands Antilles, where is located in the north-east shore of South America, opposite of Surinam.

Red-throated Caracara is a common bird of prey in continent of South America, but not offshore islands. Mostly to be found in subtopical to tropical lowland forest and montane forest of most northern South American countries. Ringed Woodpecker also is commonly to be found continent of South America and none of it lives in offshore islands. Mainly inhabited in Bolivia, Brazil, the Amazon Basin and lower drainage of the Tocantins River also most northern South American countries.
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