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22 July 2010

Birds of Ecuador

From left to right :
Toucan Barbet (巨嘴擬鴷) ; White-winged Swallow (白翅燕子)
Crimson-rumped Toucanet (緋腰巨嘴鳥) ; Blue-crowned Motmot (藍冠)
Ecuador (2010)

14th May, 2010. Aeropuerto, Guyaquil
15th May, 2010. Guyaquil (Mail Aperture Centre)

During the stamp exhibition Birdpex 6. Many countries issued couple of stamp to commemorate this event, most of them are bird theme. In last month, here shown the Belgian one which celebrates the 25th anniversary of Buzin stamps, long life amazing bird definitive series. This time, is a beautiful bird set from a South American country - Ecuador. Thanks John of his great mail with whole set of attractive stamps.

Toucan Barbet is endemic to Ecuador and Columbia, this locally bird nowadays listed as near threatened as inhabit loss and illegal cage-bird trade. The bird to be found in humid forest of the west Andean slopes. White-winged Swallow is a resident bird of northern part of South America, it normally lives near water. The bird is quite commonly to be found in related area. Crimson-rumped Toucanet is endemic to humid Andean forest, where the range from Ecuador, Columbia and Venezuela. Different than other toucans, it looks green colour with partly reddish tail, and also the bill is in red colour. Blue-crowned Motmot is a beautiful bird as a jewellery fly in the wide range of forests and woodlands, from southern Mexico to central South America. It specially has a bluish crown with orange-brown features.
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