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4 July 2010

European Year of Nature Conservation

European Year of Nature Conservation (歐洲環境保護年)
San Marino (1995)

9th February, 2010. City of San Marino

In recent years, nature conversation is the hottest theme to discuss over the world, many cities, countries or regional organizations held number of events and meetings. Generally speaking, these events and meetings are not very useful to the world especially some countries do not want to be a vanguard as they may lose benefit and advantages. Anyway, at least in some countries, mostly in third-world countries, parts of nature areas be conserved. In 1995, San Marino, or most of European countries issued a joint theme stamp to commemorate European Year of Nature Conservation, above cover shown this example but unfortunately it sent after 16 years. The five stamps only featuring two birds Winter Wren (鷦鷯) and Mandarin Duck (鴛鴦), they almost commonly to be found in Europe.
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