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14 September 2010

Ascension White-tailed Topicbird

Ascension White-tailed Tropicbird (阿森松白尾鸏)
Ascension Islands (2009)
16th June, 2010. George Town
23rd June, 2010. Mount Pleasant, London

Seems I do not need make a lot of description, White-tailed Tropicbird was appeared on many countries' issues and repeated many times. Not surprisingly, Accession Islands issued this species few times and above registered cover featuring the latest version was issued on 2009. This species really is very common in the worldwide but the Ascension's one is the endemic sub-species P. l. ascensionis.

Actually, the most interested place of the cover is the registration label, due to the political of the territory, Ascension, St Helena and Tristan da Cunha are using same registration label with prefix SH. Here shown two covers from Ascension and St Helena, which also have registered code RJ000056530SH and RJ000009937SH separately. The last one, mail of Tristan da Cunha with new registration label will be shown in here on early 2011.

40p : Bael Tree (野煙樹) ; 50p : Yellow Bells (黃鐘花)
St Helena (2007)
16th July, 2008. Jamestown
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