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17 December 2010

Domestic birds of the Philippines

See below picture for description
From top left to bottom right :
Blue-naped Parrot (藍頸鸚鵡) ; Luzon Bleeding-heart (呂宋雞鳩)
Palawan Peacock-Pheasant (巴拉望孔雀雉) ; Whiskered Pitta (呂宋八色鶇)
The Philippines (1994)

13th August, 2010. Manila

Thanks to Myron of this mail, actually the stamps seem fine for me but not attractive, perhaps most of the Philippines stamps are look like fade out some colour. Anyway, I should make an introduce of the stamps, as these four species are endemic to this island country.

Blue-naped Parrot, as known as Luzon Parrot is endemic to Luzon and Mindoro of the country. It has three sub-species which to be found in Polillo of the Philippines, Maluku and Borneo of Indonesia. Luzon Bleeding-heart also is endemic to Luzon, the north part of the country, it specially has a red-dot on the front, near breast. Mostly the dove appears on the forest of the islands. Palawan Peacock-Pheasant is a beautiful bird with metallic-blue and black feathers, it is endemic to the Philippines of humid forests Palawan Islands. Whiskered Pitta also endemic to the Philippines, however it is no record which area to be found them mostly.

Due to the damaged or lost of habitat, above 4 species are listed as endangered or vulnerable species in IUCN Red List.
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