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28 December 2010

Migatory birds of Central America

From left to right :
Northern Flicker (北撲翅鴷) ; Cedar Waxwing (雪松太平鳥)

Northern Shoveler (琵嘴鴨)

From left to right :
Painted Bunting (麗色彩鵐) ; American Peregrine Falcon (美國游隼)

El Salvador (2007)
18th October, 2010. Ventanilla (Sonsonate), San Salvador

El Salvador is a small country in the middle of Central America, also 70% areas of this nation are high mountains and hill lands. As these reasons, El Salvador is the important station for migratory birds from northernmost Canada to southern places for winter. Above envelope, which sent by William on last October, features a set and souvenir sheet of Migratory Birds series of El Salvador, thanks to his excellent cover.

These five species are specially selected, they commonly live in North America, widely to be found in Canada or United States, during October and November, they begin their long haul journey to Central America for winter, one of country is El Salvador.
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