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5 January 2011

Definitive stamps of the Philippines

First row from left to right :
1 peso : Mugimaki Flycatcher (鴝姬鶲) ; 2 pesos : Narcissus Flycatcher (黃眉姬鶲)
3 pesos : Turquoise Flycatcher (菲律賓銅藍鶲) ; 5 pesos : Brown Shrike (紅尾伯勞)
8 pesos : Apo Myna (阿波王椋鳥) ; 9 pesos : Philippine Serpent Eagle (菲律賓蛇老鷹)
10 pesos : Blue-crowned Racket-tail (藍冠扇尾鸚鵡)
Second row : Black-naped Oriole (黃鸝)

The Philippines (2008, 2009)
7th October, 2010. Manila

In 2008 and 2009, Philippine postal administration issued two sets bird definitive stamps, most of species are same but the designs are vary. Before, I had shown them here and now have another one. Thanks Myron again of this mail, although some stamps on this mail are duplicated with last mail.

Above 8 species, Mugimaki Flycatcher, Narcissus Flycatcher and Turquoise Flycatcher are common in old world flycatcher family to Far-East, from the range of Japan to Indonesia. Except Turquoise Flycatcher is a resident, those of them are migratory birds which breed in eastern coast of China, Japan and Taiwan ; and stay in Philippine for winter. They mostly habit in the forest and woodland at low elevations, sometimes to be seen them in the park when migrating.

Philippine Serpent Eagle is endemic birds of prey to the Philippines, it is commonly to be found in most major islands of this nation, except Palawan. It habits most of primary or secondary forests and sometimes in cultivated lands with scattered trees.
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