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22 January 2011

Domestic birds of Moldova

Front side of envelope
From left to right :
85b : Goldfinch (紅額金翅雀) ; 1L : House Sparrow (家麻雀)
1,20 L : Ural Owl (長尾林鴞) ; 4,50 L : Common Magpie (喜鵲)

Moldova (2010)
21st September, 2010. Bender
22nd September, 2010. Tiraspol

In these two years, I had shown different domestic birds of each countries, they are located in variety continents but mostly the species are same. This time, a new country to show is Moldova, a small and poorest country in Eastern Europe. After it independence from former USSR, the area between eastern part of Dniester River and Ukraine, as known as Transnistria to find independence from Moldova. Now they call itself Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and its capital as Tiraspol.

Why do I quote the history of this area ? Please take a look of this cover, the cover sent from Bender, the forth large city in this small country via Tiraspol to Hongkong. The back postmark Tiraspol is similar as Bender which indicated with country name Moldova.

Back to the birds, they are not special to me as they almost shown many times, the latest two House Sparrow and Goldfinch just appeared last week !

Back side of envelope
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