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19 January 2011

International Year of Biodiversity (8) - Bolivia

From left to right :
Bs 3.50 : Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant (灰胸雀霸鶲)
Bs 2.00 : Andean Cat Alliance (南美山貓)
Bs 2.50 : Three-coloured Harlequin Toad (厄瓜多爾三色箭毒蛙)
Bs 1.00 : Queen of the Andes (萵氏普亞鳳梨)

Bolivia (2010)
19th December, 2010. La Paz

The postal administration chose 4 variety endemic endangered species for the issue of IYB 2010. Here only have a description of Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant, and other three also shown in IYB special page. The grey bird only to be found in Bolivia and Peru, mostly lives in subtropical or topical moist montanes. 3 sub-species identified and the stamp probably shown A. a. bolivianus which is endemic to the Cordillera Oriental of Peru, and the Cordillera Real of Bolivia. There are only 150-300 birds recorded inside Bolivia during 2007.
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