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27 March 2011

Garden birds of Singapore

From left to right :
Lesser Coucal (番鵑) ; Pink-necked Green Pigeon (紅頸綠鳩)
Collared Scops Owl (領角鴞)

Singapore (1993)
29th October, 2010. Clementi West

Singapore is a well-known garden city in the world, more than 200 bird species to be found in this small south-east Asian country. Although it was over-developed, the country still provides attractive environment to birds, either resident or migratory. In 1993, three of domestic birds gone to a set of aerogrammes. Thanks Eddie found me these nice collectable items.

Lesser Coucal is domestic bird in south-east Asia, resident from Taiwan to Indonesia, easily to be found in lawns, grasslands or wastelands. It diets mostly are large insects, frogs, lizards, snakes. Pink-necked Green Pigeon also a resident bird of south-east Asia, it diets fruit. The colourful greenish features are attractive to people but it mostly stays in the tree. Collared Scops Owl appears at night, commonly to be found in south-east Asia, from Taiwan, coast of south-China includes Hongkong and most south-east Asian countries.

These three birds are very common in Singapore and can be found them whole of year.
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