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10 March 2011

SAPOA again

From left to right :
E 1,10 : Blue Crane (藍鶴) ; E 0,85 : Violet-crested Turaco (紫冠蕉鵑)
E 2,45 : Bar-tailed Trogon (斑尾咬鵑) ; E 1,35 : Western Cattle Egret (黃頭鷺)
Swaziland (2004)
25th September, 2010. Mbabane

If you have memory, in August of 2010 I had show a cover sent by Yoram, when he spent a safari trip to Zambia, it was feature a set of SAPOA stamps. Here I would present another cover features this joint-issue - Swaziland, which is a member of SAPOA. Seem I don't need spend the time to talk again these four species, but, these four are national birds of South Africa, Swaziland and Botswana. And also to be found in this small and poorest nation.

Unfortunately, the cover was not send by registered mail upon my request. However the philatelic bureau packed in an official envelope and sent to me. Below is the interesting registered cover by Swaziland Philatelic Bureau.

29th September, 2010. Mbabane
1st October, 2010. Manzini
8th October, 2010. New South Wales, Australia

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