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6 March 2011

Yellow-crowned Bishop and Golden-breasted Bunting

400F : Golden-breasted Bunting (金胸鵐)
270F : Yellow-crowned Bishop (黃頂寡婦鳥)
Benin (1999)
1st October, 2010. Cotonou (Poste Commerce Oanhi)

In recent days, the post office of Benin, where is a poor country in West Africa. Issued couple of overprinted stamps for ordinary use, wide ranges from the oldest Dahomey stamps to modern Benin stamps. Their market price quite interesting to collector but of course, they are not special to Benin locals. To collect a copy of the stamps - the best surprise is overprinted bird stamps, I tried to send a request to philatelic office of Benin on August 2010 and received the feedback after two months. Although it is not bird stamp, it still an overprint example.

Used on the cover are two domestic bird stamps - Yellow-crowned Bishop and Golden-breasted Bunting, while whole set of 6 stamps only these two to be found in Benin. Yellow-crowned Bishop is common to sub-Sahara area, sometimes it appears on European or Asian countries as they escaped from pet host. Golden-breasted Bunting also common to woodlands of sub-Sahara area, three subspecies are found and the one mostly appears in the southern edge area of Sahara is E. f. flavigaster.
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