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1 July 2011

Post & Go labels (III)

First column :
Great Crested Grebe (鳳頭鸊鷉)
Second column :
Moorhen (黑水雞) ; Greylag Goose (灰雁)
Mute Swan (疣鼻天鵝) ; Common Kingfisher (普通翠鳥)
Third column (last stamp) : Mallard (綠頭鴨)
Great Britain (2011)

19th May, 2011. Great Portland Street, London

As the schedule, Post Office issued third series of bird theme Post & Go labels, this time features six waterbirds to be found in England or Scotland. Unfortunately some of birds have been appeared on stamps and shown here as before. Still thanks to Yoram from London he kindly to set me a copy of mint stamps and above cover. I selected Greylag Goose to arranged maxicard as below, the card also issued by one English publisher and the description says the geese mostly appear in Hebrides and Forsinard, the Highlands of Scotland.

Below maxicard bears Forsinard post office cds., where is one of remotest village in the northernmost of Scotland. A reserve Forsinard Flows is located near the village.

Greylag Goose (灰雁)
Great Britain (2011)

10th June, 2011. Forsinard, Sutherland
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