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12 August 2011

Double Yellow-headed Amazon

Double Yellow-headed Amazon (雙黃頭亞馬遜鸚鵡)
Belize (2009)
21th February, 2011. GPO (Belize City)

In last year, here has shown you a cover features latest endangered bird issue of Belize, it was not an excellent cover as not sent by registered mail. Later on, I found a parrot postcard from online dealer and decided to do some stuff of left stamps. Now begin to show in this and next post, the first one is a maxicard of Double Yellow-headed Amazon.

Double Yellow-headed Amazon only endemic to most forest area of Belize and Honduras. As it has three inhabit area people divided the species to three sub-species. The stamp probably shown the one endemic to Belize A. o. belizensis. Unfortunately until now, the Double Yellow-headed Amazon is near extinct in the wild and now listed as endangered species, it is according to inhabit lost and illegal hunting.

Originally the maxicard matched with first day special postmark which illustrates head detail of parrot, but so pity now only ordinary postmark.
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