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28 October 2011

Birds of Suriname

Clockwise from top-left :
SRD 0,90 : Dusky Parrot (達士奇鸚鵡)
SRD 2,50 : Yellow-green Grosbeak (黃綠錫嘴鳥)
SRD 0,45 : Opal-rumped Tanager (白腰唐加拉雀)
Suriname (2008)

14th April, 2011. Paramaribo

In 90's years of last century, Suriname issued numbers of bird stamps - mostly seem definitives are features rare birds of this South American nation. Nevertheless, as fiscal deficit and high inflation, the highest denomination of 2001 stamp is Sf.9000, before new currency Surinamese dollar comes out. From 2003, Suriname birds begins new series with new currency, however most of them are in sheetlet format and exception stamps as above in small size single stamps.

Three species of above stamps are quite normal to be found in Suriname, but since 60's years a lot of wildlife Dusky Parrot illegality exported out of Suriname and Guyana for pet market, and they not easy to feed after left the wild environment. Moreover as the inhabitant lost, population of the parrot also decreasing.
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