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24 January 2012

Cape Parrot

Cape Parrot (海角鸚鵡)
South Africa (2011)

20th July, 2011. Tshwane

In 2010, South Africa continues to issue their popular domestic bird series stamps, it was fifth in the series and as before, each set features five species. This time, five forest birds are the actors and I only selected Cape Parrot for my collection. According to the stamps quite expensive, I gave up to collect whole set of stamps, even they seem beautiful enough.

Originally Cape Parrot has three sub-species separately endemic to South Africa (Cape Parrot / Poicephalus robustus robustus (海角鸚鵡)) ; middle of Africa (Grey-headed Parrot / P. r. suahelicus (灰頭鸚鵡)) and West Africa (Brown-necked Parrot / P. r. fuscicollis (啡頸海角鸚鵡)), however after reclassified they were become three individual species and the scientific name of Cape Parrot becomes Poicephalus fuscicollis. Now this species probably endemic to south-east of South Africa and border of Mozambique.
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