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10 February 2012

Jeremy Paul

Pheasant (雉雞)
Isle of Man (2009)

1st September, 2009. Douglas (First day postmark)

Jeremy Paul is a famous British wildlife artist born in 1954, he was travelled or lived in Spain, England, India, Africa and other remotest places include Antarctica and the Arctic. He now living in Isle of Man with his family, and has been held many exhibition related to his work. Since 1997, he was invited by the post office of Isle of Man, to illustrate couple of wildlife theme stamps of the post office, which are issued on 1997 (Owls), 2004 (Robins - Winter's friends), 2006 (Manx bird atlas) and 2009 (Country file by Jeremy Paul). The further issue, Christmas stamps of 2011 will also illustrate by him.

For more details of Jeremy Paul can visit his own site :
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