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15 March 2012

Aerogramme of St Lucia

St. Lucia Parrot (聖盧西亞亞馬遜鸚鵡)
St Lucia (2004, aerogramme 1992)

2nd June, 2011. Castries

After years, I received another mail from this small islands country again. This time is an aerogramme features panorama of the Port of Castries, but the picture probably taken in 80's year of last century. The most interesting and attractive thing to me is, the imprinted stamp is St Lucia Parrot and Mount Gimie. The national bird of St Lucia and the highest mountain of this country. For make-up postage (perhaps do not need), two coil stamps affixed on the aerogramme, they interestingly feature the national symbols again !

St Lucia Parrot is an endemic parrot to St Lucia, sadly the population of the parrot was decreased from 1000 in 1950s to 150 in 1970s. Later on the governor took an action to conserve this national bird and now the population turned back to more than 350 parrots.
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