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2 June 2012

Northern Flicker

Northern Flicker (北撲翅鴷)
Cayman Islands (2006) ; USA (1982)

Cayman Islands : 9th October, 2008. George Town
USA : 10th March, 2012. Fort Payne, Alabama

Northern Flicker, as known as Yellowhammer which is common name in United States, is a common middle sized woodpecker in Northern American. It is a migratory bird to be found in summer of Canada while migrates to Latin America or Caribbean Sea's islands. However some of the birds reside in United States or Mexico.

Generally there are two sub-species of Northern Flicker - Yellow-shafted Flicker (金翼啄木鳥 / C. auratus) mostly to be found in eastern North America while Red-shafted Flicker (紅翼啄木鳥 / C. auratus cafer) is east part of North America. Above two maxicards, also feature Yellow-shafted Flicker, although Cayman Islands one is endemic species C. auratus gundlachi.

Northern Flicker is a state bird of Alabama, it commonly to be found in Desoto State Park which nears the town Fort Payne.
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