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1 July 2012

Upland Forest

Eastern Bluebird (東方藍鴝)
Bermuda (2005)
23rd March, 2012. Paget

A set of stamps to be issued by Bermuda Post illustrated variety bird inhabited places of Bermuda, a small country in the offshore of southeast USA. Upland Forest is located in the parish of Paget, Alfred Blackburn Smith Nature Reserve does have 8.7 acres opened on 2003, it only opens to guests and members of the Coral Beach Club and Bermuda Audubon Society.

Mangrove Lake, is the northernmost mangrove in North America, it lies on the boundary between Smith's and Hamilton Parishes, it is home to endemic species Bermuda Killifish (百慕達底鱂) and of course a paradise to migratory birds and seabirds.

L : Eastern Bluebird (東方藍鴝) ; R : Yellow-crowned Night-Heron (黃頂夜鷺)
Bermuda (2005)
23rd March, 2012. Paget
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