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13 November 2012


Purple Heron (紫鷺)
Guinea-Bissau (2008)

21st August, 2012. Bissau

In these few years, some countries like Mozambique, Solomon Islands, Burundi or Guinea-Bissau happy to issuehuge of stamps illustrate variety sport theme, world affairs, natural and movie pop stars. However most of them are not related to these poor countries. Checked those stamps seem produced by a stamp dealer which located in Northern Europe. The dealer beside controls what themes to issue, it also has a production house to design all the artwork. Thus, all the stamps look similar if compare variety countries' issues. Anyway, still have some stamps have some collectable value, if the stamp related to the country.

Grey Crowned-Crane (灰冠鶴)
Guinea-Bissau (2008)
21st August, 2012. Bissau
Examples are two stamps issued by Guinea-Bissau. The first one is Purple Heron and second one is Grey Crowned-Crane. Unfortunately for the maxicard of Grey Crowned-Crane, except cancelled with poor postmark, the species also does not find in Western Africa.
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