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15 May 2013

Birds of Montserrat

Antillean Common Gallinule 黑水雞 (安的列斯群島亞種)
Montserrat (2009)
21st March, 2013. Brades

I think most of people don't know where is Montserrat, however if you collect stamp, you may known that there is a British Overseas Territory in the Leeward Islands. And of course not only the geographic detail, most of people known that the territory joint with IGPC issues huge of quantity of stamps to earn money from philatelists. However in today, which country don't issue money for money?

These two maxicards feature the 2009 Birds of Montserrat stamps, the stamps not in good quality as only printed in Taiwan, but they look fine, at least in my opinion. Above species indicated in stamp is Common Moorhen, which is commonly to be found in the world, however some American biologist split sub-species in New World into individual species in few years called Gallinule. So Antillean Common
Gallinule now is a sub-species to Common Gallinule.

Western Cattle Egret (黃頭鷺)
Montserrat (2009)
21st March, 2013. Brades

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