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6 May 2013

Birds of prey in Burundi

From left to right :
400F : Easter Lily (麝香百合) ; 350F : Sunflower (向日葵)
3000F : Lappet-faced Vulture (皺臉禿鷲) ; 3000F : Martial Eagle (猛雕)
1000F : Palm-nut Vulture (棕櫚鷲)
Burundi (2002, 2011)

13th February, 2013. Bujumbura

In 2011, Burundi totally issued 40 stamps feature bird, it is kindly thanks to Stamperija, who won the agency service to Burundi stamp. However as you think, Stamperija not only issue bird but they also shame to issue variety theme, either they are related to Burundi or not, luckily some of them still selling in Burundi, a small country in central Africa. Above cover shown three these Stamperija stamps, those species are to be found in Burundi, the illustration look oddly as they through computer rendering. The two flower stamps, seem look like other country stamps, was printed in Tunisia.

In Africa, as the rich of biodiversity, many birds of prey are easy to be found in there. Those three species as above are active in sub-Sahara area except the forest of Congo.

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