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25 May 2013


From left to right :
Scarlet Macaw (緋紅金剛鸚鵡) ; Military Macaw (軍艦金剛鸚鵡)
Yellow-crowned Gonolek (非洲黑鵙)
Guyana (1993/2002)
18th March, 2013. Philatelic Bureau
19th March, 2013. Georgetown

Macaw is a type of parrot lives in New World, which native from Central America to South America, especially in rain forest. They mostly in large size and having colourful feather, for example as below maxicards, Hyacinth Macaw in blue colour and the eyes with yellow frame ; Red-and green Macaw is in reddish head and green body. Those sharp colour with long tail attracted many people be their pets. As result, many native macaws are caught for illegal animal trade and their quantity decrease immediately.

Guyana is in the north-east of Amazon Forest, the country to be found couple of macaw species. Here are 4 of them shown above covers and maxicards are examples.

Hyacinth Macaw (紫藍金剛鸚鵡)
Guyana (1993)
18th March, 2013. Philatelic Bureau

Red-and-green Macaw (綠翅金剛鸚鵡)
Guyana (1993)
18th March, 2013. Philatelic Bureau

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