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15 July 2013

Birds of Southern Pacific (1)

From left to right :
70¢ : Friendly Ground-dove (睦雞鳩) ; 50¢ : Swamp Harrier (沼澤鷂)

Tonga (1998)
9th May, 2013. Nuku'alofa

Actually I forget how many pacific birds I have been introduced here, so from this time, I reset it as 1, then follow it in future. Tonga is in the Southern Pacific, it is famous in the world as it is the first country go into new day, thus as a result, it also the first country go into next year. In each year many tourists visit this islands to celebrate new year.

Back to the birds, the recent definitive stamp sets of Tonga are bird theme, it is good news to the theme collector or sadly to collector - a lot of new species may featured on stamps but mostly in high value.Friendly Ground-Dove is dove to be found in west or southern pacific, and widely on Malaya Peninsular. Swamp Harrier also to be found in west or southern pacific and Malaya Peninsular, and some records in Australia.

Those two birds are endangered species.

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