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3 December 2013

Red Book of Moldova

From left to right :
85b : Glossy Ibis (彩䴉) ; 1.20l : Eastern White Pelican (白鵜鶘)
5.40l : Eurasian Spoonbill (白琵鷺) ; 1.20l : Ferruginous Duck (白眼潛鴨)
Moldova (2011)
30th October, 2013. Chisinau

It is the second issue related to birds of 'Red Book of Moldova' stamp series, the first one issued on 2003.

Glossy Ibis is the most widespread ibis species, breeding in scattered sites in warm regions of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Atlantic and Caribbean region of the Americas. It is thought to have originated in the Old World and spread naturally from Africa to northern South America in the 19th century, from where it spread to North America. This species is migratory; most European birds winter in Africa, and in North America birds from north of the Carolinas winter farther south. Eastern White Pelican, breeds from southeastern Europe through Asia and in Africa in swamps and shallow lakes. It usually to be found in and around shallow, (seasonally or tropical) warm fresh water. Well scattered groups of breeding pelicans occur through Eurasia from the eastern Mediterranean to Vietnam. In Eurasia, fresh or brackish waters may be inhabited and the pelicans may be found in lakes, deltas, lagoons and marshes, usually with dense reedbeds nearby for nesting purposes.

Eurasian Spoonbill is a Palearctic species, breeding from the United Kingdom and Spain in the west through to Japan, and also in North Africa. In Europe, only The Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Hungary and Greece have sizeable populations. Ferruginous Duck is a medium-sized diving duck from Eurasia. The species is known colloquially by birders as "Fudge Duck". It breeding habitat is marshes and lakes with a metre or more water depth. These ducks breed in southern and eastern Europe and southern and western Asia. They are somewhat migratory, and winter farther south and into north Africa.
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