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8 February 2014

Owls of Togo

Verreaux's Eagle-owl (乳黃鵰鴞) ; Pel's Fishing-Owl (橫斑漁鴞)
Togo (2010)

25th November, 2013. Pagouda

African Wood-Owl (非洲林鴞)
Togo (2010)
25th November, 2013. Pagouda

Here are three cards returned from Togo Philatelic Office, thanks to their coordinate for the postmark, although they are not match the common rules of FIP. Pagouda is a town nearby Benin, the forest in this area commonly to be found variety owls, above are three of them. is a large species of owl in the Strigidae family. It feeds nocturnally on fish and frogs snatched from the surface of lakes and rivers. The species prefers slow moving rivers with large overhanging trees to roost and forage from. African Wood-Owl is a medium-sized owl with dark eyes and no ear tufts. It is 30 to 36 cm long and weighs from 240 to 350 grams. It lives in Africa from Senegambia to Sudan and south to Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, and on the east coast to South Africa. It lives mainly in forest and woodland though it sometimes inhabits plantations. Verreaux's Eagle-Owl is the largest African owl. This owl is the world's third heaviest living owl, after the Blakiston's Fish Owl and Eurasian Eagle-Owl and the fourth longest owl, after additionally the Great Gray Owl.

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