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1 March 2014

Seabirds of São Tomé e Príncipe

Top : Comb Duck (瘤鴨) ; Brown Booby (白腹鰹鳥) ; Cape Gannet (南非鰹鳥)
Bottom : Brown Booby (白腹鰹鳥) ; Cape Gannet (南非鰹鳥) ;
Fulvous Whistling-duck (草黃樹鴨)
São Tomé e Príncipe (2013)
1st November, 2013. Central

Sadly, the cover did not send by registered mail due to not enough postage, however it seems nicer than last cover, the Congo Grey Parrot. In recent years, São Tomé e Príncipe issues be positioning as commercial stamps by some collector due to their issues mostly not be used in postal system. By the way in my opinion some issues still collectable to theme collectors, if the stamps related to the country.

These 4 seabird species are commonly live in Atlantic Ocean, they of course reasonable to be found in São Tomé e Príncipe, the small island country near Equator of Atlantic Ocean.

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