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2 May 2015

Nature reserves of Cape Verde

10/- : Cape Verde Shearwater (佛得角圓尾鸌) ; 30/- : Brown Booby (白腹鰹鳥)
40/- : Magnificent Frigatebird (麗色軍艦鳥) ; 41/- : Red-billed Tropicbird (紅嘴熱帶鳥)
Cape Verde (1993)

14th January, 2015. Santa Maria

The wildlife of Cape Verde is spread over its archipelago of ten islands and three islets, which all have parks under their jurisdiction by decree promulgated by the Cape Verde government. Located off the west coast of Africa, the total land area of the island nation is 4,564 square kilometres (1,762 sq mi). The wildlife consists of many tropical dry forest and shrub land, endemic flora and fauna, and rare breeding seabirds and plants, which are unique to this group of islands.

Some of the wildlife species of Cape Verde are considered as endemic, evolving over millions of years of isolation; the grey-headed kingfisher survived here on insects in the absence of water in the lands of the islands.

Cape Verde has many species of endemic birds, which are observed by keen ornithologists and bird watchers on the islands. 130 migrant birds are reported to visit the islands, out of which over 40 nest there. The seabirds which breed on the island are: Fea's petrel, frigatebird and red-tailed tropicbird. Four species of birds, (Alexander's swift, the Raso lark, the Cape Verde swamp-warbler and the Iago sparrow) are also endemic here, while the Cape Verde shearwater is a breeding endemic. The endemic and endangered Bourne's heron is sometimes considered a full species. Also common are the greater flamingo and the Egyptian vulture.

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