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26 March 2016

Isla de Flores

Snowy Egret (美洲雪鷺), Kelp Gull (黑背鷗) and
American Oystercatcher (美洲蠣鷸)
Uruguay (2011)

3rd December, 2015. Montevideo

Isla de Flores is a small island in the Rio de la Plata, 21 miles south-east of Punta Carretas, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Flores was named by Sebastián Gaboto, who discovered it on Easter Sunday 1527 (the Spanish expression Pascua Florida or Pascua de Flores, i.e. "Flowery Easter" was the reason for the name "Flores").

It has a historic lighthouse, which was the subject of an 1819 treaty, by which Uruguay lost the Misiones Orientales. This lighthouse, of Portuguese origin, entered service in 1828. It was dubbed "the world's most expensive lighthouse".[by whom?] The lighthouse is now under the jurisdiction of the Uruguayan Navy. It is 37 metres high and flashes twice every 10 seconds.

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