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18 December 2008

Aldabra Drongo and Aldabra Red-headed Fody

R : Aldabra Drongo (阿爾達巴拉卷尾)
L : Aldabra Red-headed Fody (阿爾達巴拉紅頭雀)
Seychelles (2008)
2nd December, 2008, Victoria, Mahé
9th December, 2008, Hongkong

One of latest WWF issue on 2008 which issued by Seychelles, a small islands country in East Africa. Those two birds, can only be found in Aldabra Island of Seychelles.

Stamps are purchased from local dealer, the stamp set are quite cheap. I bought 4 sets and frank three of them on above envelope, with some old definitives of Seychelles. Actually I don't know exactly tariff of registered mail to Hongkong when I sent this request, but seem it still a petty envelope for my collection.

Cover features four definitive stamps issued on 2000, are Seychelles Tree Frog (塞舌耳樹蛙), Seychelles Killifish (塞舌耳鏘魚), Seychelles Splendid Palm (塞舌耳扶搖櫚) and Seychelles Skink (塞舌耳蜥) separately.

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