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23 December 2008

Crow Honeyeater and Caledonian Greybird

Caledonian Greybird (山鵑鵙)
New Caledonia (2007)
13th October, 2008. Nouméa

Again, these two birds are rare in the world and only can be found in New Caledonia. Caledonian Greybird is the first time appear on stamp. The last one in this stamp set is Kagu, which is national bird of New Caledonia. These envelopes seem quite normal but nice enough.

New Caledonia is group of islands located in North-east of Australia, and southern boundary of Asia.

Crow Honeyeater (紅臉裸吸蜜鳥)
New Caledonia (2007)
13th October, 2008. Nouméa

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