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21 December 2008

Greater Flamingo and Mediterranean Shag

L : Greater Flamingo (火烈鳥) ; R : Mediterranean Shag (地中海鸕鶿)
Gibraltar (2008)
19th March, 2008. Gibraltar

Gibraltar Post done a good job in this year, it issued new series of definitive set which contains 14 different bird stamps. Those species are very common in Gibraltar and Mediterranean. I contacted a vendor in there to help me find some block of 4 and single stamps of all low values, and advised him use those stamps on envelope in the meantime. When I contacting vendor, I also sent one IRC to Gibraltar post office, but they don't have any respond, little bit disappointed. The envelope, I was hidden some parts as the vendor used DL size envelope, it is not good for my album.


Anonymous said...

Gibraltar is next to Spain NOT in Spain, same way as Portugal or France are next to Spain.

Le Petit Prince said...

Thanks for your advise, the mistake has been made change.

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