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20 December 2008

Little Egret

Little Egret (小白鷺)
Hongkong (2006)
20th October, 2007. Kam Tai Court, Maonshan

Little Egret is quite abundant resident in Far East, southern Europe and Africa, however they are migratory occasionally. In Hongkong, I can find couple of them breeding at beach not far away from my home. Also largely find in two shores of Shing Mun River of Shatin, wetlands of Taipo, Maipo and Tai O. The above maxicard, was cancelled by Kamtai Post Office, Kamtai is an housing estate at the end shore of Shing Mun River.

Below envelope, is a registered mail sent to Lisbon for Poste Restante. As little fee must be charged by Portugal Post, receiver should stamp postage due labels on the envelope to prove it be charged, here can observe that 0,65 euro have been charged by post office. Many thanks Carlos Silvério for the great help.

16th September, 2008. Yautong, Kowloon
26th September, 2008. Telhelras, Lisbon

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