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26 February 2009

Festivals in Egypt

From left top to right bottom :
Firecrest (火冠戴菊) ; Barn Swallow (家燕) and Red-rumped Swallow (金腰燕)
Rose-ringed Parakeet (紅領綠鸚鵡) ; European Goldfinch (紅額金翅雀)
Egypt (1994)
15th March, 2008. El-Remayah, Giza
16th March, 2008. Cairo
25th March, 2008. Hongkong

Actually I don't know what festival did they celebrate in 1994 cause Egypt Post issue a block of four bird stamps. I bought twice as they are bird stamps, the colour is quite interesting for me as it looks fade out. When I met an egyptian last year, I advise him help me to use one set on the envelope. The envelope may not looks good, postmarks are untidy and other stamps added, but I think it is okay, exception is he never write my address on envelope directly, just cut it from my envelope I sent him. 

Those five birds are very common in Europe, of course as Egypt in the north of Africa, birds are fly over Mediterranean Sea when migrating. On this cover also features a pair of Wadi El-Hitan (鯨魚谷) stamps issued on 2008, a valley located in Faiyum designated as UNESCO world heritage site, hundreds of fossils of some earliest whale and the Archaeoceti (古鯨亞目) have been found in there. The stamps shown the detail and overview of one fossilised whale.
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