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8 February 2009

Little Penguin featuring Wandering Albatross

Wandering Albatross (漂泊信天翁)
Australia (2007)
11th January, 2008. Penneshaw, South Australia
(special cancellation featuring Little Penguin (小企鵝)

I don't know is it a nice cover or not, as the stamp and cancellation are very different, at least these two birds are not in same family. I have been wrote about Wandering Albatross in here when it was opening, so I don't have more comment on this species. In Australia, only Kangaroo Island have chance to find footsteps of Wandering Albatross, which located in the south of Australia.

Beside Tasmania and New Zealand, the only one place to obverse Little Penguin is also Kangaroo Island. Local government set up many conservation areas and national parks in south and west of the island, to prevent those birds and natural environment. In Penneshaw, a small village in the east of island, tourists crazy to make appointment to see march of Little Penguin at night.

To mark this interesting event, Penneshaw post office made a special postmark illustrated a couple of Little Penguin. I known that Australia issued Little Penguin stamp on 2001, however I don't have this stamp. Above cover is Wandering Albatross featuring Little Penguin, it looks quite oddly.

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